The Stichting Gezond Samenwerken – SGS (Foundation for Working Together in Health) is a foundation designed for patients, general practitioners, dentists, medical specialists and other people working in Health Care (pharmacists, health psychologists, psychotherapists, midwives, nurses, etc.).
We will call them “health carers”. The SGS´main goal is to function as a bridge between patient and health carer.

One of its tasks is to provide clarification about both parties’ rights and obligations in medical practice.
The heavy workload of people working in health care and the medical-technical language that is used, can put a strain on the relationship between health carer and patient.
As a consequence the patient can become dissatisfield about his medical treatment and inadequate communication. Claim procedures that arise because of this deficient communication cost money, time and energy.The SGS tries to have a sympathetic understanding for both patient and health carer and thus to avoid unnecessary claims.

How can the SGS help you as a patient?
Giving answers to medical-legal questions about treatment, aftercare, information you did or did not get, your medical file, your rights and obligations, claim procedures. Helping and supporting you in your visit to the health carer: to prevent health carers and/or organizations from not co-operating.

How can the SGS help you as a health carer?
Giving answers to medical-legal questions about your rights and obligations, legal aspects and jurisdiction, pitfalls and claim procedures, supporting you in your communication with the patient.

The SGS is lead by an expert with a medical -legal background who is motivated by a problem solving attitude. She is acquainted with medical-legal legislation and jurisprudence and is well informed about the problems that arise in a health care practice.

Stichting Gezond Samenwerken
Soendastraat 23
2585 VC Den Haag – Netherlands

Telephon: 06-46715848

E-mail info@gezondsamenwerken.eu


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