Internationale partner

Stichting Gezond Samenwerken is a foundation in the Netherlands devoted to the promotion of human rights and to education related to fundamental human rights. The goal of the foundation is to advance the principles of equal rights and dignity for all people in all areas of society, both in the Netherlands and abroad. The Stichting Gezond Samenwerken is now going to expand its work around the world, particularly third world countries, where ethnic, religious minorities. women and other indigenous communities not enjoying equal rights. In these countries, women are facing lots of problems related to health issues. In order to achieve aims of equal rights and better just world, the foundation works with partner organizations in different parts of the world, it seeks to foster both international and transatlantic dialogue through conferences, study tours, and publications, among other means. In addition, the foundation supports local, regional, and national initiatives which advance the rights of minorities, the rights of indigenous people and women rights.
In Pakistan, it works with its partner organization the Pak Center for Law & Justice (PCLJ). The mission of PCLJ is to improve the lives of low-income communities, marginalized religious minorities and persecuted communities through legal assistance that protects their fundamental rights secure access to basic needs and challenges policies and practices that harm them.
The vision of the PCLJ is a free, justice, democratic, peaceful and prosperous Pakistan that values and protects the rights and equality of its citizens and everyone who lives in it.

Mr. Junaid Qaiser, a writer and human rights activist is our Ambassador in Pakistan.